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Contact Info:

Haifley Brothers Hot Rods and Motorbikes

1015 Grand Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85007




Email: haifleybros@gmail.com

Phone: (602) 486-0252

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9 A.M. - 6 P.M.   Saturday Call ahead

About us.  

We are actually brothers.  Doug and Kelly Haifley.  We moved to Phoenix, AZ from Keota, Ia in 2002.  We took a keen liking to the hotrod and motorbike scene in Phoenix.  We immediately began collecting parts and cars and tools to give it a try at building something for our selves.  Shortly after we began doing small jobs out of our small garage.  Long story short, it slowly turned into beginning our shop and trying our best to make a successful career in the custom car and motorcycle world.  We greatly appreciate everyone's support and business.  



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