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1994-2003 Swingarm Sportster King/Queen Seat and Sissy bar

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1994-2003 Sportster Swingarm king/queen seat only or with sissy bar. The seat will fit 1986-2003.  The sissy bar fits 1994-2003.Please allow 3-5 weeks to ship due to being made upon ordering.  This changes depending on if we have some stock built up or not.   Sissy bar is constructed of 9/16" solid round bar with 1/4" mounting tabs  tig welded.  The sissy bar is roughly 24" tall from the top of fender to top of sissy bar. 

* Note*  The seat is designed with our sissy bar and most likely will not work with stock or other atermarket sissy bars.  

Swingarm seat and sissybar combo:
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